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Book 11 - Angélique à Québec

Fleur de Lys


This page is reserved for information about Book 11 - not yet available in English translation - Angélique in Québec

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Quebec Book Cover

Quebec - Capital of New France

From the Winkworth Collection: A Treasure House of Canadiana in London 1 April 2015, London, South Kensington
Thomas Johnston, engraver (c.1708-1767) Quebec, the capital of New-France, a Bishoprick and seat of the Sovereign Court - image courtesy of Christie's

Quebec Habitat

Habitation - image courtesy of Look

Russian Quebec

Quebec review

Estonian illustration

I found this frontispiece in an Estonian version of 'Angélique in Québec' and it portrays exactly the disembarcation of the Peyracs into the grand and corrupt city of Québec still firmly under the thumb of the Court of Versailles.

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